Shroud Reveals Why He Stopped Playing ‘Escape from Tarkov’

Shroud Escape from Tarkov

During his latest stream, Shroud admitted that he is struggling to go back to Escape from Tarkov, partly due to the game’s performance-related issues, such as in-game stuttering and constant lag.

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek revealed a list of all the games he has played this year. This list was graced by an impressive array of games such as World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, PUBG, DayZ, and more. The list also featured Escape from Tarkov.

Aside from a brief stint here and there, Shroud hasn’t played Escape from Tarkov much recently. However, he streamed it for nearly 257 hours of total airtime, making it his ninth most streamed game.

He once touted it as a “blessing” as compared to other FPS titles, but now more time has passed and he has garnered tons of hours, it appears that the game’s issues have caused him to lose enthusiasm as far as playing again is concerned. “If you could take any game… and have it magically fixed to have no lag, [disconnecting], cheaters, etc., what would you pick?” one viewer asked, piquing Shroud’s interest.

“Tarkov, I think,” he said. “I think if I could choose any game and have it magically fixed and perfect. No lag, no [disconnecting], no cheats, nothing. I think I’d choose Tarkov. The stutters on Tarkov are the worst.”

“I was watching xQc. xQc played two Raids on labs, and in his very first encounter, he just stuttered. Like, he got into a fight, and his game just stuttered. It’s so f**king annoying. That alone makes me not want to play that game. So frustrating.”

Shroud has not played Escape from Tarkov since Dec. 17, which isn’t that long ago but based on his latest comments, it might be a while until we see him play it again. The game can prove to be a bracing experience, not just for the player, but also for a spectator.

The game has had its share of nail-biting moments on stream. All it needs now is to address those issues, and it will be even better. Watch this space for the latest gaming news.

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