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Shroud Raves About The Endgame Content Of ‘New World’

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has expressed his admiration for the endgame content of New World, although it has been a much-contended point. The former CSGO pro revealed that he is a big fan, saying, “it’s exactly how MMOs should be.”

Shroud’s FPS exploits have garnered huge popularity, but it is no secret that he is a big MMORPG fan. The Twitch star has played World of Warcraft on stream. He loves games that involve a lot of repetition to progress. However, they aren’t as popular as Valorant co-stream.

The Twitch star has been on the New World grind recently, as much of the Twitch streaming community. Developed by Amazon Game Studios, the multiplayer online role-playing game has been a massive hit even before being properly out yet.

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Asmongold, and a few other players have complained about the lack of endgame content, but Shroud disagrees with that sentiment. According to the streamer, the race to the max level is a small part of New World’s overall adventure.

“‘Is it crazy that people are level 60 already?’ Not really, because even if you’re 60 there’s still so much to do. That’s exactly how MMOs should be,” Shroud said on July 28. “They should not be this race to be max level and they’re done.”

New World’s leveling mechanics enable you to delegate certain tasks in a bid to get your character to the max level. On the downside, the character will not be best in all departments, per Dexerto. It is imperative for you to hone your skills in crafting, crafting, using weapons, and more by actually doing those activities.

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In other words, there’s still plenty to do even after hitting Level 60. “They should be ‘alright, if you want to prioritize getting max level then that’s great’, you can do it, but there’s other people out there who might be prioritizing something different,” Shroud explained.

“They might not be max level, but they might be an insane crafter

“Or they’re an insane harvester,” he continued, “or maybe their mastery in all their weapons are so high because somebody had a different method of leveling and that method of leveling flew them up in the levels, but their mastery is low.”

Shroud loves how you can level your character and their different aspects in different ways. He did not reveal his favorite, but it is worth mentioning here that he has been doing everything from chopping trees to participating in the game’s PVP to hone his skills.

The Twitch star likes the diversity as well: “I love that there’s different ways and different styles and everybody has their own way of doing things. That’s cool…rather than every single person following the same path. I like that a lot.”

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