Shroud Pushes ‘Apex Legends’ To The Limit As He Unveils An Insane Trick With Horizon [Video]

Apex Legends Horizon

In his latest stream, Shroud showed an amazing trick with Horizon from Apex Legends, using Gravity Lift to hold his opponents captive.

Apex Legends Season 7 has kicked off, and players from around the world have ground to a halt. The recently unveiled season introduced an impressive array of new content and changes, but the most popular one has been a new legend, Horizon.

She looks like a futuristic astronaut and boasts a slew of highly effective abilities that complement her astrophysicist theme. Black Hole, Space Walk, and Gravity Lift are all useful moves in different situations.

While multiple players have experimented with them in a bid to figure out what they can do on the battleground, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has outdone them all.

Touted as FPS god, Shroud was playing Horizon in his latest stream when he decided to get a little creative in a long-ranged battle against the last team. The enemies were too far, so he opted not to throw a Black Hole, while most players would have either thrown it.

He improvised by throwing the Gravity Lift first and then using it to boost the distance of the Black Hole. As if that weren’t impressive enough, he tossed a flurry of Arc Stars into the mix and cracked their shields just moments before the Black Hole landed next to them. Before they even realized what had happened, Shroud’s team had cleaned them up and secured the win.

Shroud was as surprised as anyone else that he was able to pull it off. “Bro, what the f**k is that?” he said. “I threw my Black Hole through my anti-grav and it just went flying.” Apex players are likely to try and emulate the move, but it might be harder to pull off than it seems.

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