Shroud ends his latest stream in a manner that reminds viewers of Dr Disrespect’s final Twitch stream

shroud dr disrespect

The ending of Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s April 15 broadcast reminded viewers of Dr Disrespect’s final Twitch stream and fans are understandably concerned about it.

of Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch back on June 26, 2020, leaving his viewers wondering why the two time was removed from the platform. Ignoring calls for more transparency, the Amazon-owned site did not provide any explanation over the Doc’s infamous ban.

All fans have to go off are Doc’s claims that he wasn’t told why he was banned and his unusual outward behavior in his last ever broadcast before he switched to YouTube. Shroud’s viewers are concerned since the Polish-Canadian’s latest stream came to an end in a similarly concerning manner, with him staring at the camera.

“I am tired,” the legendary streamer said at the end of an 11-hour broadcast. “I feel drunk. I feel…”

He went quiet after the comment and did not elaborate on his feeling. He went on to knock a bottle off his desk, putting his arm behind his head before gazing at the camera without saying another word.

“You okay, Mike?” one viewer asked in chat. “Is he okay?” another wondered.

Snapping out of his trance, he adjusted his glasses and ended the stream in one of the strangest finales to a shroud broadcast yet.

This weird ending made its way onto Reddit, where fans discussed the similarities between this Twitch broadcast and Dr Disrespect’s.

Shroud has a Doc-like stream end from r/LivestreamFail

In his final stream, the two-time was at a loss for words, which is uncharacteristic for Doc. After thanking everyone for watching, the soft-spoken streamer told them that “we’d get through this” and that “life is weird right now.”

His last ever words said on Twitch was “f**k” before he got up and left. It is highly unlikely that Shroud will be banned on Twitch, however, the ending to his broadcast reminded viewers of Doc’s final stream.

We hope he is okay and the unusual end to the stream was a mere joke, poking fun at the Doc. Watch this space for the latest esports and gaming news.

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