Sergej Slams ‘CSGO’ Pro Allu For Claiming He Lacks Motivation

CSGO Sergej Allu

CSGO pro Aleksi ‘allu’ Jalli raised quite a few eyebrows when he opened up about his teammate Jere ‘Sergej’ Salo’s decision to leave ENCE for military service in an interview with HLTV.

During the HLTV’s Twitch channel interview, Allu wasn’t probably expecting to spark controversy on social media, but that’s exactly what happened. After about 50 minutes into the interview, the topic of Sergej’s exit from CSGO for his compulsory military service in Finland surfaced, and Allu didn’t shy away from sharing his thoughts on why his teammate made the choice.

“In the Spring we already took a one-month break for him, to maybe get him motivation, to maybe get his things going on, and it wasn’t enough,” Allu said in the interview. “He still tried and played with us for six months and really tried to make it work with really much respect.”

Sergej didn’t like it and clapped back on Twitter saying people shouldn’t take everything Allu said as granted, even before the interview ended. “I wouldn’t take everything what @alluCSGO said/says as granted. He isn’t as simple and harmless persona as it may look,” Sergej tweeted. “There’s a reason he’s the only one left in the team from the original roster.”

The initial tweet garnered a lot of attention in the CSGO realm, but the former Finnish pro said he won’t talk about it anymore citing a “mental health thing” but assured that “old teammates can back up my tweet, though.” The HLTV hosts asked for Allu’s thoughts on his former teammate’s response, which he shared on social media while the interview was still going on.

“I can always say, obviously I’ve made mistakes, not always been the best teammate, this is correct,” Allu replied. “But what else can I say? I don’t know.”

ENCE has been falling to pieces over the last year, with the cutting of Aleksi ‘Aleksib’ Virolainen earlier this year sending the team into a death spiral, according to Richard Lewis. This recently surfaced drama doesn’t seem to help either.

Allu seemed pretty optimistic about ENCE heading into 2021 during the full interview, and despite this last-minute drama to end 2020 off with, fans will be waiting with bated breath to see what the org can do with this new lineup next year. Stay tuned here for the latest e-sports news.

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