Scump Call of Duty League Major 1
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Scump Says OpTic Have Figured Out What They Did Wrong

OpTic Chicago’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner thought carefully about what exactly went wrong for the superstar lineup following their Top Four finish in the first Call of Duty League Major of 2021.

Aside from that, Scump reflected on what they are doing to make a notable come back in Stage 2. OpTic kicked off the Stage 1 Major against the New York Subliners with a bang. The Green Wall came with all guns blazing as the popular roster blitzed through NYSL 3-0 to start their run. NYSL, however, knocked them out of the event with a 3-0 map count just days later.

Coming out of Super Week, making its entry into the Major, “it was a pretty exhausting two weeks for [OpTic],” Scump said in a lengthy March 11 vlog. He went on to admit that some mistakes led to their fourth-place finish.

Reflecting on every map, coupled with issues from outside the game itself. It wasn’t a good run, Scump recalled. Still riding high on the sweep over New York, the following series against Dallas stung for the team. Despite being a narrow five-map affair, Scump believes they “could have won 3-1” with some slight adjustments. “We f***ed up a lot of things.”

Although they rebounded against the LA Thieves in the lower bracket, the immediate rematch against NYSL swiftly ended their run. Scump was unhappy about the brief interval between these matchups.

“We f***ed up our vetoes, which ended up shooting us in the foot,” he said. The specific picks and bans were understandably not revealed, but the map set was against OpTic from the jump, Scump added.

The teams loaded into Garrison for the series’ first Search and Destroy. Given it was NYSL’s “first rep and OpTic’s “first rep,” they did not have any VOD to watch to prepare. They did not have specific strategies to go for New York and their usual approach didn’t come in handy as well.

“It felt like we weren’t doing what we practiced on the map,” Scump said. They were down 0.- 2 before they even realized that they were just one map away from being eliminated. However, they were still hoping for a potential reverse sweep.

“We were very confident on [Checkmate Control] going into it and then the match comes and we kind of just don’t do what we’ve practiced. We just played the map scared it felt like. They ended up taking advantage of that and just absolutely blowing us out of the water.”

Scump described it as a hard loss. “[NYSL] played good, they had a great series but I don’t feel like we played up to par. Can’t take anything away from New York though, they played great.”

Looking forward to Stage 2, it is a matter of actively avoiding attention or conflict in pursuit of winning the next Major. “We know what we did wrong.”

With the current break in the action, OpTic will be focused on refining their game and make an impressive comeback. Stage 2 kicks off on March 18 and the next Major starts on April 5. Dexerto has already shared a full schedule of 2021.

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