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Scump opens up about feeling helpless over OpTic’s CDL loss, says its ‘mentally draining’

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has reacted to the “frustrating” 2021 Call of Duty League season, raising questions over OpTic Chicago’s ability to fix issues after Major losses.

The King and his OpTic teammates have had a difficult year. Despite leaving no stone unturned in a bid to prove that the team isn’t bad, they have repeatedly failed to realize their full potential. Scump took to social media after a challenging Stage IV loss to share his mental health struggles after another Top 4 finish.

“Really just lost at the moment,” he said in June. OpTic has stopped streaming at the time to focus on the CDL grind. All members of the team have been live on Twitch once again, just weeks later. The team has been more active online, per Dexerto.

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While this balance seems to be restored, Scump admitted on July 2 that he continues to find himself in a “tough scenario.” He is struggling with the team’s front-facing issues. Aside from that, it has been hard for him to deal with their real progress since they are hidden, due to unrevealed scrims.

“All the time we put in every day, scrimming, playing off-stream, then we go to a tournament and we fall short,” he explained. “It feels like every loss we’ve had at a Major this year has been the exact same. That is what is mentally draining.”

Scump argues that there is “no validation for the work [OpTic is] putting in,” without streaming their practice for the world to see. Although they ended up losing the highly anticipated LAN return, the team’s practice has been going “well” throughout the year, he said.

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Moreover, he stressed that scrims have been “pretty much perfect,” over the past few Stages. “We do work hard and we keep losing, we keep shooting ourselves in the foot,” the CDL superstar added.

“How do you even fix it at that point? It’s really frustrating. Our year’s been pretty sh***y in the ways we’ve been losing.”

However, Scump is now tired of drawing flak, despite playing well and helping lead the Green Wall back to some degree of success. Much to his chagrin, he continues to get “hate” for his Black Ops Cold War gameplay.

“I get most hate for gameplay which is what pisses me off because I’ve been playing f***ing great and I still get hate. I’m not even playing bad and I’m still getting sh** on. What can I do?” he said.

OpTic is currently fifth in the overall standings and has just one Stage left to turn things around ahead of Champs. While some argue that they desperately need a roster change, OpTic can prove themselves right by translating their scrim results into official games.

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