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Scump Claps Back At CDL Fans Finding Faults With OpTic’s Search & Destroy Struggles

OpTic Chicago is struggling in terms of finding a run of form in their Call of Duty League Search and Destroy maps, and the team’s popular player, Seth Abner, who is better known as Scump has slammed people who have been criticizing the team over their performance.

In their opening three matches of the CDL 2021 season, OpTic Chicago has won only one of their first four Search and Destroy map, during their opening matchup against Paris Legion. Since then, the team has displayed clear weaknesses, including a 6-0 loss in their second map against Atlanta FaZe – a map in which even Scump wasn’t able to register a single kill.

However, Scump doesn’t appear to be too concerned at the moment. He is confused about why others seem so worried about their record in these early days of the season. After another loss, this time -4 to Toronto Ultra, Scump opened up about the major talking point on Twitter.

“Improving on a game mode isn’t an overnight thing,” he tweeted. “People expect us to just magically practice and become insane at SnD. It’s our third match.”

He pointed out that they were a top 3 SnD team during the Modern Warfare season, even though people insisted that they struggled. The 25-year-old pro Call of Duty player is clearly confused at how viewers are looking at their matches.

While it is true that the Chicago side was pretty good at Search and Destroy during the 2020 CDL season, there is perhaps the overhanging shame of the former OpTic teams, which struggled in the one-life game mode, despite being strong respawn sides.

Nevertheless, OpTic is unlikely to be too worried right now. At the time of Scump’s tweet, the team has a 2-1 record with their loss against the Atlanta side.

If their Search game improves to the level of their Hardpoint or Control, they will definitely be championship contenders. Watch this space for the latest esports news.

Aniket Macwan

Aniket Macwan

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