Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Update Includes New Health Features

The recently rolled-out Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 update boasts an impressive array of health features.

It will be interesting to see if Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy Watches will run the company’s own Tizen platform. Much to the relief of those who own Samsung’s wearable devices, the South Korean tech giant plans to continue offering its stellar software support for some time to come.

The well-received Apple Watch alternative has been provided with a myriad of awe-inspiring updates. It is been less than eight months since the device was launched.

Galaxy Watch 3 Receives More Updates Over-The-Air

Verizon’s LTE-enabled variant, as well as the Bluetooth-only models, have not been scoring similar OS promotions. Samsung released the Bluetooth-only variant in different countries last month, PhoneArena reported.

Big Red seems to have included the SmartThings Find functionality in a previously rolled-out update. As part of its latest over-the-air rollout, it will be focusing on adding Samsung Health improvements.

New features

Sleep score is one of the most popular features included in Samsung’s System Update 4 changelog. This is an expansion of the generic tracking of the wearer’s sleep patterns in a bid to help them to get a night of better sleep at night.

This feature might ring a bell because Samsung promoted it at the time of the Galaxy Watch 3 launch. Moreover, it is also likely to sound familiar because Fitbit’s wearables have included similarly named features for quite some time now.

The update does not merely focus on improving your sleep. It enables Verizon subscribers to keep a track of their workouts by bringing the auto workout recognition time down from ten to three minutes for various activities.

Moreover, it adds a “Together” section to the aforesaid Samsung Health app. As a result, wearers can walk virtually alongside up to nine friends and compare their progress in real-time.

The “Fitness” section of the app includes a slew of programs to simplifies your health goals including staying fit, losing weight, and getting in shape. The Always On Display function is slated to receive a small, yet notable change.

You can download the Hand Wash app can now from the official Galaxy Store. Aside from helping you detect and monitor various actions, it gives reminders to improve your hygiene throughout the day.

This helps you ward off the deadly COVID-19. You can get your hands on the Galaxy Watch 3 41mm and 45mm from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.

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