Samsung Flex Displays At CES 2022
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Samsung Flex S and G Panels Will Make Futuristic Foldable Phones

Samsung is leading the tech market with its foldable phones. Last year, the South Korean company paved way for the futuristic foldable phones by releasing Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3. The year 2022 is no different, we will see Samsung working on extraordinary Flex S and G panels.

Samsung revealed the classy Flex S and G panels at the ongoing CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Samsung Flex S and G Panels To Make Futuristic Foldable Phones

In spite of the fact that Samsung just created a massive stir in the world of technology last year with its flip phones, fans are waiting for the next big thing!

There is no stopping when it comes to technology, innovations need to happen at the speed of light and Samsung is one of the top leaders.


The electronic company is working on some crazy new innovative ideas. At CES 2022, the company took us on a tour as it unleashed the latest designs.

Gone are the days when bi-fold and tri-fold were a thing of dreams! Samsung is making it a reality.

The bi-fold panel opens up to form an “S” shape thus providing a large expansion of the screen area, as per Sam Mobile. Furthermore, it also gives exceptional flexibility allowing the user to convert the gadget at their convenience. Be it a tablet, smartphone, or AI device – the choice will be yours!

As a result, these foldable screens give the user the discretion to separate the device display depending on how they want to use it. Well, talk about thrilling technology.

The Flex G panel is designed for multi-foldable products as it has an inward fold. The Flex ‘G’ shape of the panel helps protect the display from any outer impact. An inward fold makes the device be more portable since it can be folded twice.

We’re waiting to see when these designs will be officially launched in the global markets. Let’s hope its sooner.

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