Riot Games Responds After Dr Disrespect Offers To Help Design New Maps For ‘Valorant’

Dr Disrespect Valorant Map

Dr Disrespect is enjoying Riot Games’ first first-person hero shooter Valorant, however, he had some words for the game developers concerning the quality of maps.

Taking to his Twitter account on Feb. 9, the two-time posted some clutch gameplay, where he secured the frag in a remarkable way. “I love this feeling,” he said before landing headshots on to the members of the enemy team.

“Just knowing that I can read the fucking situation like it’s nothing. I love this feeling,” he added. Despite loving the feeling of playing well, Doc was a bit critical of the game’s maps. “Valorant is somewhat addicting. They just need a few more fun maps in the rotation,” he wrote in the caption section of the video, adding “Flip phone is wide open, Riot Games.”

The flip phone remark is a reference to a sketch the legendary streamer acts on stream, where he gets a call from either another streamer, developer, or Dexerto. It is widely considered as one of the best parts of Doc’s stream and can lead to some hilarious moments.

It is worth noting though, that it seems like he wants to help develop a map for Valorant. For those unaware, Doc has already developed some maps for Call of Duty and played a vital role in Rogue Company’s Arena map.

Shortly after his tweet, Riot’s 3D environment artist Lydia Zanotti, who works on Valorant’s maps, replied. “I’ll get you more maps,” she responded. “I promise.”

Zanotti used a pleading face emoji in her message. While it doesn’t seem like Dr Disrespect will be bringing in his trademark momentum, speed, and violence to a Valorant map anytime soon, however, fans will definitely be waiting for it with bated breath.

Doc’s followers took to the comments section of the tweet to voice their approval, hoping that Riot would let him develop a map for the tactical shooter. It remains to be seen whether or not the game developers will take up the offer in the future. Watch this space for the latest esports news.

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