Redmi Smart TV MAX 98 Has Broke 100-inch TV Segment Sales Record

Redmi Smart TV MAX 98

Back in March, Redmi had launched its largest television dubbed as the Redmi TV Max with a giant 98-inch screen. Since then this television has gone on sales many times.

But on the Weibo, a brand official has relieved that the new television has likely broken the sales record for the 100-inch TV segment in China. According to him, yesterday Xiaomi had sold more than 1,500 units in less than 11 hours.

According to the Xiaomi’s data, more than 1000 units of Redmi Smart TV MAX 98 has been sold out in just 3 minutes and 28 seconds on Xiaomi Mall ( In total, the brand sold 1,500+ units in 10 hours, 32 minutes and 18 seconds across all channels on June 25.

The Smart TV MAX 98 screen comes with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixel 4K. It also has a range of colors 85% NTSC, compatibility with HDR, and backlight of 192 levels that are responsible for improving the quality of the image.

The company’s product likely set a new industry record. But there’s no other data to prove the claim and hence he mentions it as a probability, says the director of Xiaomi & Redmi TV operations in China, Lin Faqiang.

Having said that, the 100-inch TV segment is a new category and there are very few customers who would be interested in buying such a massive-sized television. Even people who would like to get it will have to shell a pile of cash.

But the Redmi Smart TV MAX 98 is priced at 19,999 yuan ($2,825), which is approximately cheaper than any other massive smart TV. This may be the only reason behind this new record set by the company.


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