PUBG Mobile India Version: New Website, Teaser, Gameplay And More

PUBG Mobile India Version

PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest titles in the battle royale genre on the mobile platform. But it was among the 118 apps and games with Chinese ties banned by the Indian Government in September.

The fans have been waiting for the availability of the game in the country and the PUBG Corporation has finally announced that the game would soon make a comeback with a special Indian version.

A few days ago, PUBG Mobile uploaded multiple teasers for the upcoming Indian version of the game. These clips featured a few of the most prominent Indian PUBG Mobile influencers – Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan. However, the release date of the game has not yet been announced.

PUBG Corporation said that there would be some changes in the game. The in-game content would be improved to meet the needs and preferences of the Indian user and would also create a healthy gameplay environment and culture.

The changes are:

  • Green Hit effect – Unlike the global version that has an option to customize the hit effect color, in the Indian version, it would be locked to green.
  • Feature to limit the playtime – A feature to limit the playtime would ensure healthy gaming habits for the younger audience.
  • Default clothed character – The characters in the game would be fully clothed by default.

A new website for PUBG Mobile India was also launched. PUBG Corporation also mentioned that it plans to invest in an esports league exclusive to the Indian region. The Indian PUBG Mobile competitive scene would receive a significant boost.

You can watch the PUBG Mobile India Official trailer below. Watch this space for the latest gaming news.

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