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PUBG Lite is Now Open for Registration in India; Here’s How to Register

PUBG fans, rejoice! The PUBG LITE beta is now open for registration in India. This new version is developed to work with low-end PCs that do not have a high-end graphics card or bigger RAM.

There are no prizes for guessing that both mobile as well as the PC version of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is one of the best online shooting games available in the market today. This online multiplayer battle royale game involves surviving and winning among a group of 100 players.

Until now, PUBG fans had two choices including playing the altered version on their mobile devices or opt for the PC version that required them to have a top-end gaming-spec laptop, but that’s about to chance. You will soon be able to play PUBG even on a low-end spec laptop.

Developers came up with PUBG lighter version, dubbed PUBG LITE in 2018 in a bid to offer a comprehensive PUBG experience to players having low-end laptops. The PUBG Lite version features optimized graphics and gameplay that enables the game to run uninterruptedly on basic laptops that do not have a graphics card or higher RAM capacity.

As if that weren’t enough, the PUBG LITE version will be available to the huge PUBG fanbase for free. The game has been available in its beta version in select Southeast Asian countries, and it propelled to skyrocketing popularity in several countries including India.

In order to meet the undying demand for the game, the PUBG LITE team will now be offering the PUBG LITE beta program to India. The registration for the game has started and you can register until July 3. Note that the game is still unavailable for download.

The first lucky players will be invited to download the game shortly. The PUBG LITE beta will be eventually made available to everyone who registered for the beta. In order to create your free account, all you need to do is to head straight to PUBG Lite’s website by clicking here.

Those who have already registered with PUBG need to simply log into their accounts. After logging into your account, you can click on the ‘Participate in Event’ button. You’d need to link your account with your current accounts on Steam, Xbox, and PS4.

By registering for the beta, you also stand a chance for winning various in-game prizes such as the Tiger M46 and the Çheetah parachute. For 100K registration, the PUBG Lite team will give Black Scarf, Punk Glasses, and Bloody Combat Pants.

After crossing 200k registrations, players will be eligible for receiving Gold PUBG scarf, Striped Long-Sleeved Shirt and Red Sports Top. These rewards will be awarded via in-game via codes that will be sent to the players through the mail.

The minimum system requirements for PUBG Lite include an Intel Core i3 processor powered PC that features 4GB RAM and has 4GB HDD space along with an Intel HD Graphics 4000. For better results, it is advised to use a computer that has a dedicated GPU and a Core i5 processor.

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