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Pokimane explains why she will never join an esports organization

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys opened up about her decision to never joining an esports team amid receiving multiple offers from popular organizations.

Touted as one of the world’s biggest Twitch streamers, Pokimane’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions. Due to her “guilty conscience”, she missed out on a lot of money.

“I have a really hard time telling what other people to do, like whether to gamble on stream or do this or do that,” she revealed during a recent Twitch stream.

Pokimane Twitch Stream

While most of her peers are running to sign with an esports org, Pokimane, who has over a whopping 7.7 million followers in 2021, isn’t interested in joining another team anytime soon, if at all.

She posted a stream highlight video to her YouTube channel on Apr. 28, addressing a fan’s burning question of whether she will ever sign with an esports organization in the future. “No. For years and years I have been offered plenty of times,” she replied.

“Plenty of teams. But I’m on OTV. And you know, we created OfflineTV and I feel like if I joined a team, it kind of diluted my brand and it diluted the OTV brand,” the Morocco-Canadian streamer added.

She went on to say there will be too many obligations. “That’s a lot of deliverables.”

“I would feel like I’m spreading myself too thin, you know? I’d rather if I’m gonna devote myself to something, do it one-hundred percent. Whereas if I’m a little OTV, a little bit whatever org, it’s like you’re not fully anything.”

Speaking about whether OfflineTV plans to expand with spinoff content groups such as the Hype House, Pokimane explained why that wouldn’t necessarily be beneficial to her or her partners. “It is something we have considered,” she said.


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“OTV branches in regions. OTV Texas, OTV Canada. Could be interesting. But what is the structure? What is the benefit, what is the liability?”

Pokimane pointed out that OfflineTV is not “not just an org” and that people linked the brand with members such as Disguised Toast, Michael Reeves, and herself.

She explained that if something bad were to happen in one of their branch divisions, then the founding members of the group will be held responsible. In July last year, she revealed the “insane costs” of running a streaming channel like a business.

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