‘Pokemon Sword & Shield’ Tips and Tricks To Make Infinite Money

Pokemon Sword & Shield

Much to the delight of trainers that strapped for cash, a recently surfaced trick in Pokémon Sword & Shield allows players to earn money with rapidity.

Trainers can take advantage of the Isle of Armor method and take care of their finances in the Galar region. Marking its foray into the eighth generation, the Pokémon franchise unveiled Sword & Shield in 2019, and the players were introduced to the Galar region with the Nintendo Switch release.

The RPG was made available to players months ago, but if you are still living on a tight budget, and struggling to get your hands on your favorite attire or items, we got good news for you. Let’s check out how you can make infinite cash in the Gen VIII title without breaking a sweat.

There are several things that you might want to purchase in the Gen VIII title, including an impressive array of clothing items to vitamins for competitive training. Galar offers a wide range of options to spend money.

The Isle of Armor DLC owners has come up with a new way to help fans that are still paving their way through the main game and are stony broke, to earn cash without wasting a lot of time. In the June expansion, players are escorted to a dojo run by Master Mustard.

There’s a feature in the gym that can help you make quick money, provided you have completed the second dojo trial and have already unlocked the Cram-O-Matic device. Here’s how players can make infinite money.

Step 1: Buy Cheri Berries at the Isle of Armor dojo

Go to the Isle of Armor Dojo spawn point, where you will find the Berry Grocer outside. Purchase as many Cheri Berries as you can after talking to her. To take advantage of this method, it is recommended that you have at least 80k to buy 999 of the item.

Step 2: Make use of the Cram-O-Matic in the dojo

Once you enter the Dojo, go to the far right room where Master Mustard is located. The Cram-O-Matic device looks like a bluebird, and you need to go up to it and click “Combine,” give it four Cheri Berries, and then hit “Yes.”

Step 3: Pile up the Heat Crash TM and repeat the process

The machine will combine the four berries before spitting out the TR Heat Crash. The move sells for $3,000 a pop.

You can repeat the process by spamming the A button. It should go back to the Cheri Berry, meaning, all you need to do is to stand in front of the device and keep tapping A for 30 minutes. You will have a significant amount of Heat Crash TMs that you can cash in.

Step 4: Sell TMs at the train station shop

Take your TMs to the nearest seller, who will at the train station on the Isle of Armor, and sell your TMs. This method lets you make $120k in less than eight minutes, but it is imperative for you to bear in mind that you’d need to stock Cherri Berries back up once you run out.

There’s no dearth of tricks in Sword & Shield that can help you get cash, but after several tests with the Cram-O-Matic, the aforesaid method turned out to be the quickest and most efficient way.

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