‘Pokemon Sword & Shield’ Cosplayer Shares Her Transformation Into Isle Of Armor Rival Klara

Sword and Shield Kiara

A Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer took the cosplaying realm by storm with her jaw-dropping transformation into Isle of Armor rival Trainer Klara.

For Pokemon’s generation eight RPG Sword & Shield, Game Freak got rid of the third title in favor of an Expansion Pass. In Oct., players got an opportunity to dive into the first add-on dubbed, The Isle of Armor. Quick-tempered trainer Klara was one of the characters introduced in the update.

A cosplayer brought the rival to life with an insanely accurate costume. The Isle of Armor update introduced two new Trainers to the Nintendo Switch title, with Shield owners receiving Psychic trainer Avery, and the Sword version Poison-type Klara. The rival goes toe-to-toe with players at the Dojo in a bid to become Master Mustard’s best student.


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Cosplayer Mari ‘peachypopcos’ posted her pin-sharp take on the new heroine to her Instagram account. Her incredibly detailed costume looks so realistic, it’s almost as if the new character has jumped out of the screen.

Mari posed in her Galar league uniform, which includes a dark blue and purple jersey, adorned with a green pattern that looks like toxic liquid dripping down her body. Moreover, she included Klara’s signature white wool jacket which she dons over her attire.


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The highly talented artist looks all set to jump into battle as she recreates the rival’s trademark pose from the game by holding a plush Pokeball. She also mirrored her curly pink hair, which is adorned with a large white and blue patterned bow.


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Much to the delight of fans of Klara, the pink-haired character returned in Oct. DLC. The Crown Tundra. She can be spotted in the Galar Star Tournament mode, and players can even team up with her.

Sword & Shield was made available to the public just a year ago, but the title is already on track to become the second-highest selling title in the franchise. Last month, a cosplayer named MartyChu brought Pokemon Sword & Shield’s gym leader Bea to life with her epic costume.

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