‘Pokemon Go’ New Raid Boss Revealed In A Teaser Trailer

pokemon go raids

Niantic’s recently posted teaser trailers hint at an impending arrival of a new Pokémon Go raid boss, and players seem to have nearly figure out what it might be.

Released in July 2016, Niantic’s hit AR (augmented reality) mobile game still has a lot to offer in terms of things to do, but players usually fancy teaming up and locking horns with raid bosses. This can be touted as one of the game’s most rewarding and challenging experiences.

There are only a few Pokemon that can be raid bosses at any given time, and the roster is constantly changing. This not only ensures the battles are fresh, but also give Pokemon Go players something to look forward to.

Taking to its official social media accounts, Niantic has been doling out a myriad of hints for an imminent raid boss. As expected, these social media posts sent Pokemon Go players into a frenzy, creating a lot of hype around the new raid boss.

Niantic released the first teaser trailer on Sunday, Nov. 29. “Ah, what’s this? We’ve just received a message,” the Software company wrote. “Stay tuned as we investigate.” The 20-second video shows a raid boss icon on top of a platform, with a six-hour countdown timer.

Less than six hours later, they posted another clip, replacing the raid boss icon with a pink egg, which is the color that hatches into a Tier 1 raid boss. It started a new 44-hour countdown timer.

“Another incoming message!” Niantic wrote. “Trainers, it looks like we’ve stumbled upon some mysterious Raid Eggs. Can you help us make sense of all this?” The Pokemon Go community soon figured something out.

Pokemon Go players believe the clip refers to a one-star raid boss hatching from an egg, which was mentioned in a previous blog post. They believe it could hatch into a Rotom, Scatterbug, or Kecleon, but Niantic came up with a third teaser a few hours later.

This third teaser featured the biggest hint yet, nearly confirming what the raid boss will be. “Just in—a new message. What do you think it means?” they captioned the clip.

Although the third clip looks similar to the second one, it includes a small airplane that flies in the background with a flag that has the number 677 written on it. This is the Pokédex number for Espurr, a Psychic Pokemon from Generation 6.

This seems to confirm that Espurr will be the next raid boss, but Pokemon Go fans are restlessly waiting for the next hint, which will finally confirm it. Watch this space for the latest gaming news.

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