Pokemon Cosplayer Brings Sun & Moon’s Mimikyu To Life With Stunning Outfit

Pokemon Cosplay

A Pokemon cosplayer made waves on social media after sharing her awe-inspiration version of Sun & Moon’s Mimikyu. The highly-skilled cosplayer brought the dual-type Ghost/Fairy Pokemon to life with her accurate outfit.

The Pokemon franchise introduced players to the tropical region of Alola for its 2016 titles dubbed, Sun & Moon. A stark contrast to its sunny and vibrant setting, the RPG also featured the tragic Ghost monster Mimikyu.

Although it has a sad backstory, the creature has garnered popularity among players. A cosplayer celebrated the popular monster on Instagram with her accurate outfit that will warm hearts.

Trainers are first introduced to Mimikyu about a third into the game when they take a detour on Ula’ula Island to an abandoned supermarket off of Route 14. The shy ghost hides under a disguise that bears a striking resemblance to Pikachu.

Cosplayer Marissa ‘marissaemma‘ Dattoli shared her stunning costume of the Gen VII Pokemon. She wore a hoodie re-creation of Ghost’s cloth sack, which transforms into a buttoned-up coat and drapes over her body.


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The series does not offer a clear view of the character’s shadowy-looking form that appears from underneath its Pikachu outfit. Marissa represented this cleverly by wearing a black tutu that feathers out across her legs.

While details about its origins are still scarce, there’s hearsay that whoever stares at its true form under its cloth sack will either die or come down with a sickness. This scary tale didn’t stop players from sympathizing with the ‘mon’s loneliness.

Marissaemma provides a perfect twist to the monster. The Pokemon franchise arrived in its eighth generation three years after Sun & Moon was released. The Nintendo Switch title is set in Galar, however, Game Freak brought Mimikyu over to the new region, which has been well received by the community. Watch this space for the latest gaming cosplays.

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