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‘Overwatch’ Update Brings Moira Buff That Lets Her Jump Much Higher

Much to the delight of Overwatch players, a new patch rolled out on January 6 featuring a major upgrade to Moira that makes her more agile.

After 155 days of not receiving an actual balance patch, Overwatch players were blessed with an unexpected patch. In the meantime, they were busy with the regular holiday event and a name change.

The first update of 2022 included adjustments to six characters. As part of this update, Reinhardt received a damage buff, while Torbjorn got a neat improvement. Aside from that, there was plenty to shout about.

Regrettably, Overwatch January 6 patch was pulled citing a significant issue with Hanzo buff. However, Moira’s buff garnered huge popularity among players. Now, a slight adjustment to Moira’s Fade ability has captivated the community.

Overwatch Players Love Moira’s New Fade Jump

The January 6 Overwatch update enabled Moira to “jump much higher” using her Fade ability. The patch notes do not divulge key details. However, initial tests give us a glimpse of how powerful this slight change really is.

An Overwatch Cavalry clip showed the buff in action. While Moira initially struggled to gain any elevation, she is now capable of leaping through the air and effortlessly reaching high-ground vantage points.

Players described the tweak as the “most fun [they’ve] ever had on Moira.” Another wrote, “I’m having so much fun with her new super jump. I feel like Mercy and Moira had a child.”

While it is unclear whether the Moira change was intentional. However, it has resurfaced on the live version of Overwatch.

The Overwatch January 6 patch was redeployed shortly after, and Moira’s new buff was intact. 

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