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Overwatch Rumors Suggests That The Game Could Be Free To Play

Based on Overwatch rumors, fans are speculating whether the original game and its much-awaited sequel will be free of cost.

Blizzard’s 2016 was a hit. The has garnered a legion of fans. Despite the game being five years old, it still has gained a lot of hype. This has happened due to the highly anticipated sequel of the game.

As of now, the game hasn’t yet been released. However, Blizzard has revealed some reworks of characters. Fans have also speculated about a lot of things related to the game.

Recently, some popular streamers got an opportunity to playtest the sequel. After playing the game, they voiced their opinion on the sequel and also addressed the changes.

Is Overwatch Free?

Currently, Overwatch isn’t free. For Switch and PC players, the game costs $39.99. For Xbox and PlayStation players, the cost of the game is $59.99. 

However, occasionally, the developers do provide free-to-play weekends. As for the sequel, the price has not yet been specified. Fans now have some questions related to the cost of both games.

The official rating of the sequel mentioned that it won’t have any form of loot boxes and will therefore have a battle pass of some kind to regulate content. This decision will affect the price.

Also, the game’s official website stated that the current Overwatch players will battle side-by-side with Overwatch 2 players in PvP multiplayer; they’ll also be able to play Overwatch 2 heroes and maps.

This hints that although the sequel’s PvE content may come at a price, the PvP portion of the game may be free to play. The fans of the game would surely appreciate it.

Fans think that there’s a chance they can get their hands on a beta-like version of the game. Others have also started a trend on Twitter with the hashtag ‘makeoverwatchF2P.’

Earlier Blizzard said that Overwatch 2 will release in 2022, however, on November 2, they said that fans will have to wait possibly until 2023.

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