Overwatch D.Va Bug
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‘Overwatch’ Players Accidentally Pull Off D.Va, Sigma Ultimate Combo

Overwatch players combine for a D.Va and Sigma bomb. There are numerous combos in Overwatch which when used correctly give off huge dividends.

However, as per Dexerto, there is something that gives the players an edge over others. There is nothing as impactful as a well-placed ult. Such an ult, that draws people into D.Va’s self-destruct. Well, this can lay waste to every hero in Overwatch. Isn’t that cool?

Overwatch Players Accidently Combine For D.Va And Sigma Bomb


Interestingly, there are a few ways to do this. When it comes to Sigma kit, has an impeccable synergy with the mech bomb that helps to optimize the blast.

The best thing about this combo is that it works great in numerous scenarios. Furthermore, players in Overwatch found that it can give out quite satisfying results. This happens even in situations when it isn’t meant to be the play.

D.va + Sig ult, this was unplanned but worked perfectly from Overwatch

A Reddit user by the name of ‘Mountain-Manager-714’ was playing as a Korean pilot. Suddenly the opposing team gathered up in the corner.  However, here the ult was expected to fail as the angle may have been quite high to get the most bang for D.Va’s ult buck.

Now, What happened here was quite exciting! Sigma’s Gravitic Flux hit at the right time to lift off the targets to where they were needed.

Here, one player said, “That was satisfying to watch”. While another player had a bit of similar luck said, “I did this once unintentionally. Just saw all of the damage and support people put and about, fired it off and bam, [quad-kill] was on my screen. It was the best no-f**ks-to-give ult I ever did.”

Are you’re one of those people who haven’t given Overwatch a try? Well, you should definitely try it out this holiday season. The game is free to play till January 2. Interestingly, what’s better is that you can save up all the things you unlock if you buy the game later on.

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