Overwatch Halloween Terror Junkenstein’s Revenge
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‘Overwatch’ Player Revamps Junkenstein’s Revenge In Workshop Mode

An Overwatch player has revamped Junkenstein’s Revenge using Workshop, and fans are loving it.

Junkenstein’s Revenge returns every year during Overwatch’s Halloween Terror. It is understandably one of the most awaited events of the year. However, the annual return of Junkenstein’s Revenge seems to have lost its luster.

A considerable number of players are frustrated with getting demolished on the Overwatch Shocking Surprise Junkenstein challenge. Much to their relief, one fan has turned the PvE battle on its head.

Overwatch Junkenstein Workshop Mode

The Junkenstein’s Victory workshop mode enables players to be the bad guy in style. Created by Therister, Junkenstein’s Victory lets players play as the villain and lock horns with heroes in a bid to take control of the Aldersbrunn Castle, and kill Reinhardt. 

Moreover, it boasts an impressive array of difficulty tiers, new enemies, and custom dialogue. Aside from that, this version of the classic PvE run allows you to upgrade your character’s perks back at base by chatting to Moira.

This is a wide-ranging version of the fan-favorite game mode, and brings a refreshing change to the somewhat sluggish Halloween LTM, per Dexerto. Fans are loving this newfangled take on Junkenstein, and think it is “absolutely fantastic.”

“Ok, legit re-installing the game just to play this. Seems amazing,” one player wrote. Another player added, “don’t care about Halloween event, but absolutely care about this Halloween custom.”

It is worth mentioning here that the workshop code is CCCGZ. This Junkenstein’s Revenge remake is ideal for those looking for something new this Halloween.

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