Overwatch Temple Of Anubis
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‘Overwatch’ Player Recreates Temple Of Anubis In Unreal Engine 5

A creative Overwatch player has created a detailed Temple of Anubis map in the recently unveiled Unreal Engine 5.

Much to the delight of those wondering what Temple of Anubis map in Overwatch would look like, an Overwatch player with an impressive imagination has attempted to find out.

Overwatch Temple of Anubis Map Created In Unreal Engine

Reddit user saas_dev created a lifelike Anubis in the recently released Unreal Engine 5. The map highlights regions that encompass Anubis’ objective B. Aside from that, it retains the original map’s walkways, tunnels, and paths, per DotEsport.

The Redditor shared a video giving us a flythrough of the area. The clip showcases the constantly blowing sand, lighting effects, wind, and detailed textures. The lighting makes the region appear hot, further enhancing the overall ambiance.

Overwatch Fans React

The video gained several upvotes while inspiring a few jokes and remarks in the comments section. Some people felt that the map could’ve been pulled straight out of Overwatch 3. Others suggested that by the time Overwatch 2 releases, fans will be set for the next adventure. 

Others were reminded of CS: GO by the map. However, Redditor saas_dev point out that the official map is better than the than the realistic map.”

“I personally prefer Overwatch‘s cartoon-style environments over gritty realistic ones.” 

Apparently, saas_dev wanted to only check what the original map would look like from an “alternate perspective.” Share your thoughts about the Temple of Anubis map in the comments section below. You can check out a breakdown of the map  

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