Overwatch Lucio Bug
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‘Overwatch’ Player Finds A Bug That Lets Lucio Enter Enemy Spawn Room

An Overwatch player has accidentally discovered a Lucio bug that allows the healer to go further than any spawn camper ever has.

Spawn camping is a technique used in gaming where a player or team positions themselves next to where players will respawn after dying and then kill them immediately after they spawn.

There are several defensive strategies used in Overwatch. From holding chokepoints and high ground to holding angles that keep opponents from leaving their spawn room. When time is running out, this is a good way to win the round, as per Dexerto.

Overwatch Play Discovers A Lucio Bug

An Overwatch player named ‘LORDENZO’ encountered a loophole in the game. He posted a short clip of his game on Twitter and captioned it: “we broke Overwatch today.”

LORDENZO was defending the last point on Havana. He used a Sound Barrier in front of the opponent’s spawn room. Later, he gets hit with some combination of Doomfist and Reinhardt shenanigans. After this, he gets inside the opponent’s spawn room.

Overwatch Spawn rooms

He gets shocked at knowing that he got inside the opponent’s spawn room. He exclaimed that he is the enemy spawn room.

The Spawn Room is a room in every map in which all heroes spawn and respawn. Each Spawn Room has a Healing Zone which will heal players.

The player discovered a loophole wherein Lucio can enter enemy spawn rooms. He saw that sometimes keeping people from leaving their room isn’t enough. Every once in a while, you need to get in there yourself.

However, this isn’t the first spawn issue in the game. Players had earlier reported that a bug caused spawn camped enemies to count as “inactive” and potentially get kicked from the match.

The bug would kick out players in spawn for inactivity if they didn’t leave soon enough.

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