Overwatch Mobile Game In the Works
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Overwatch Job Description Hints At A Mobile Version Of The Game

The mobile version of Overwatch appears to be under development as Blizzard has added a job description for a “mobile project.”

The 2016 hit game Overwatch is only available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Earlier it was rumored that Blizzard would introduce the mobile version of the game.

However, there was no official announcement by the company. Also, the developers are currently busy with the sequel of Overwatch.

However, Blizzard has shown interest in launching a mobile version of the video games. The company is about to release Diablo Immortal, a video game in the Diablo series, designed for mobile devices.

Blizzard May Launch Mobile Version Of Overwatch

A recent job listing by Blizzard hints that a mobile version of the game is under development.

Blizzard has published a job listing on their website of a Product Manager for a mobile project. The person selected for this job will be working on Diablo, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and other games.

Overwatch Mobile Game

The company has mentioned that they want a Product Manager to help them create the best mobile game experiences in the world.

Thus, based on the job description, it is clear that they need a product manager for a mobile project which includes working on Overwatch. So, a mobile version of the game will likely be available.

However, due to the multiple delays of Overwatch 2, it is unclear when the mobile version will release. Also, the only information available to the public is that there is a mobile version under development. But it is unclear whether the game will be a mobile version of the original game, its sequel, or just its own standalone game.

Blizzard has not yet announced the official release date of Overwatch. The game was initially delayed to 2022 and now, it has been further delayed again. 

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