Overwatch Ilios Lighthouse
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‘Overwatch’ Ilios Lighthouse Is Frustratingly Off-Center

Some hawk-eyed Overwatch players have found a big defect with Ilios’ Lighthouse map, and they can’t ignore this major flaw in the stage.

Overwatch players have a reputation for making critical remarks about the game being “unplayable” even after minor updates roll out. However, one sharp-eyed Reddit user discovered an issue that might push us over the edge.

Ilios is considered one of Overwatch’s most picturesque maps. Aside from being an awe-inspiring monument, the lighthouse serves as an important region for strategic gameplay including multiple tiers for aerial assaults and an open layer for ground fights.

Illios Lighthouse Is A Bit Off-Center

Reddit user VanarchistCookbook found that the top level of this iconic lighthouse is slightly off-center. Heroes do not fall while walking around the front of the Lighthouse. However, doing the same from the back can prove to be an arduous task.

The coast side of the lighthouse top-level appears to be hanging over the edge of the square base. However, the front-facing side features a noticeable gap before the base begins.

Aside from that, the coast side seems to clip into the edge of the square. According to a report by Dot Esports, this could easily be solved by moving it up to make both sides even. 

Some Overwatch players may deem this as a tactical design. However, it is worth mentioning here that standing on the coast side of the lighthouse is simply impossible. Interestingly, players can still balance on the front side. 

These kinds of issues are usually linked to Assault maps, rather than a fan-favorite Control map like Ilios. Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony have multiple tactical issues, but they didn’t have asymmetrical tower issues.

According to one user, this discovery could further postpone Overwatch 2 release date. However, if developers can get rid of an entire tank from the game, moving a lighthouse level up another 30 pixels should be a cakewalk.

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