overwatch Busan Blackout cinematic
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‘Overwatch’ Fans Create An Incredible ‘Busan Blackout’ Cinematic [Watch]

Overwatch fan studio has created an awe-inspiring animated short featuring the fan-favorite black bag operation hacker, Sombra.

It is no secret that fans of Overwatch are incredibly creative. A couple of fans called PJ Rascals have made an incredible video featuring Sombra. According to DotEsports, this impressive cinematic could easily be mistaken for an official video from Blizzard Entertainment.

Back in 2019, the developers released an official Overwatch short. Since then, fans have been waiting with bated breath for another.

After teasing it for several months, animator PJ Rascals shared a full version of fan-made cinematic dubbed, Busan Blackout. The short shows Sombra on D.Va’s turf.

The short is set in rainy downtown Busan, with the DPS flanking hero shifting to the top of a building. She scopes out the futuristic city teeming with flying cars and D.Va billboards before activating her ultimate, EMP. 

Overwatch Cinematic Blow Fans Away

Aside from that, she hacks the city lights and transforms some of the big screens into Sombra skull icons. Furthermore, the D.Va bunny billboard changes into a combination of the Sombra’s and MEKA tank hero’s icon. Now, this icon changes into a skull before the entire city goes dark.

According to a Reddit post, the duo spent five months completing the work. As a studio, this short is their first creation. Fans loved the video, with KarQ commenting, 

“Okay, this was amazing. Seriously amazing. I absolutely loved the D.Va bunny transitioning to Sombra’s logo! STUNNING!” another

“this was dope,” another wrote.

“For a moment I thought it was official, that’s some sick animation! Keep doing stuff like this,” a third user chimed in.

With Overwatch 2 on the way, this video has got fans excited for what’s to come. Share you on below.

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