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‘Overwatch’ Fan Creates Winter Wonderland Skin For Wrecking Ball

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event is upon us, and one creative Overwatch player has shared a clever idea for Wrecking Ball Christmas skin.

Overwatch fans have a reputation for doling out interesting creations, including skin concepts. Now, one Overwatch fan has come up with a Wrecking Ball skin concept that aligns with the upcoming Winter Wonderland event.

A Perfect Winter Wonderland Skin For Wrecking Ball

Using MS Paint, Redditor pennywiserat has designed a Wrecking Ball skin. The most notable aspect of the concept is the genetically engineered hamster himself. Rather than just focusing on the mech, pennywiserat radically overhauled the machine’s pilot. 

Hammond is sporting a Santa Claus outfit, complete with a hat, red suit, and a beard. Moreover, he is carrying gifts on his back as well. However, the most appealing aspect of the artwork is Hammond’s mech, per GameRant.

Unlike other fans that have transformed the giant sphere into a Pokeball, referencing The Incredibles, this fan has converted the mech into Santa’s sleigh.

The red-tinted sled-bot matches its owner and a front-mounted Christmas tree logo. The turrets have candy cane ammo belts, along with gift-wrapped magazines. Furthermore, they are teeming with bright lights.

The Real Star Of The Artwork

There are antlers near Hammond’s seat that represent the reindeer that would ideally pull the sleigh. Aside from that, the player edited Wrecking Ball’s ultimate, taking the custom design to another level.

Instead of his trademark deadly mines, this version of the hamster ball shootouts presents. With more than 2K upvotes, it is clear that the Overwatch community loved pennywiserat’s work. 

It is still unclear what skins will be featured in this year’s Winter Wonderland event. However, it is unlikely that Blizzard would have enough time to create an outfit based on this mockup.

What do you think about Wrecking Ball’s Winter Wonderland skin? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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