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‘Overwatch’ Fan Creates Vampire Queen Mercy Concept For Halloween Terror

An Overwatch has fan shared an original concept art showing Mercy wearing a dark vampire queen outfit for Halloween Terror 2021.

Video game developers are gearing up to launch their spine-chilling game events ahead of Halloween, and Blizzard’s hit first-person shooter game, Overwatch is no exception. As a result, the Overwatch community is taking guesses about what the developers may have up their sleeves.

However, one Overwatch fan has already created original concept art of a vampire queen skin for the game’s healer hero Mercy. Moreover, she is one of the main support heroes in the game. She has the ability to heal, resurrect and strengthen other players, according to a dedicated website on Overwatch.com. 

The fan-favorite character has been subject to some extremely well-received in-game skins. Aside from that, Mercy’s popularity has led to the production of concept fan art and cosplay.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the Overwatch Halloween Terror event for 2021. Ahead of the event, a Reddit user, sunshxvine has created original concept art for a vampire queen Mercy skin. The image shared on Reddit shows the skin from different angles.

The outfit includes Mercy’s iconic headgear, wings, and staff. Moreover, the black and red-colored skin gives normally angelic-looking hero an ominous appearance.

Aside from that, her hair has a more gray shade and is flowing down. This bears resemblance to Diablo 3’s female Necromancer character.

As expected, the skin garnered a lot of praises from fellow Mercy fans. However, some fans suggested that support hero Moira should get her own vampire skin in the upcoming Halloween Terror event.

The artist referred to the official Overwatch character design as a template, while adding their own vampire queen spin for Mercy on it. Interestingly, her darker make-up ties the entire together.

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