Overwatch Witch Mercy
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‘Overwatch’ Fan Creates Pixel Artwork Of Witch Mercy

An Overwatch fan has unveiled their original pixel artwork of the witch version of the fan-favorite support healer Mercy.

As Halloween draws near, popular online titles such as Overwatch are leaving no stone unturned in a bid to build hype around their special Halloween events. The Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 is in full swing, offering fans and players unmissable event rewards, new hero skins, and more.

However, it seems that one Overwatch fan still likes the classic Halloween look of Mercy. The talented fan has created an original pixel artwork that shows the popular support hero in her witch outfit. 

Mercy is arguably one of Overwatch‘s most popular characters. Many in the community spend a lot of time creating centric content. Mercy’s popularity reflects in the sheer amount of cosplay and fan art that surface on social media platforms and other online forums

Overwatch Fan Makes A Stunning Witch Mercy Pixel Art

Considering her popularity among players and fans, it is not surprising that an Overwatch fan redrew Mercy’s witch skin in a pixel art style. Redditor muwucy shared their original artwork on the online platform to show their love for Mercy to the Overwatch community.

According to the artist’s Reddit profile, they main play Minecraft, Sims 4, and Overwatch. The artwork shows Mercy in her famous witch skin. However, the artist made sure that it looks brighter. The usual dark Halloween type of pictures are ideally associated with the outfit.

Commenters on the Reddit thread shared their love for Mercy, stating how cute she looked in the pixel art. Replying to another Redditor’s comment, Muwucy explained how the artwork was made. The artist revealed that they drew the fanart using the program Procreate.

Moreover, many were curious to know if muwucy will create pixel versions of the other heroes. The Overwatch sequel added new heroes to the community. It will be interesting to see if muwucy will draw inspiration from their new looks to create pixel artwork of the other heroes.

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