Overwatch Mei Experimental Changes
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‘Overwatch’ Experimental Mode Gives Some Serious Powers To Mei

Interestingly, Blizzard had introduced a new experimental mode filled with exciting changes in Mei for the Overwatch lovers.

Overwatch makers Blizzard Entertainment is currently working on Overwatch 2, as per Gamerant.. This means is it is a resting period for Overwatch and new content is rare. 

Subsequently, these experimental mode changes have brought in a new wave of excitement amongst the players. Using these experimental mode changes, many content creators took advantage of this opportunity and picked up the new changes. 

Recently,  a clip was also shared on Reddit by a user that showed a character, Mei, with these fun adjustments and also gave reasons why it won’t be released on live servers. 

Overwatch’s Experimental Mode turns Mei Into Cryo-Freeze Missiles

The clip shows Mei with one of the experimental mode changes made to her kit for a limited time frame. In this, Mei climbs an area using her Ice Wall ability. Afterward Mei leaps into the air and applies her cryo-freeze ability in the air. Here the experimental mode comes into play and simultaneously turns Mei into a giant ice missile. 

How Cool Is That!

After using this Cryo-freeze ability, Mei then falls on the entire enemy team and thrashes them in one shot. The result? Mei gets four instant kills and it was a surprise to her opponents. 

Similarly, there are more experimental patches in Overwatch that have brought excitement to the players. 

These features may never make it to liver servers but it would definitely give ideas to the developers sitting in Blizzard Entertainment for more interesting add-ons to the game. 

Titiksha Jain

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