Overwatch drop Remech D.Va’s ultimate
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‘Overwatch’ Drop Remech Trick Makes D.Va’s Ultimate More Fatal

Overwatch has taken the gaming world by storm. D.Va’s Remech is undoubtedly one of the most lethal and powerful ultimates in it. A quick trick can make D.Va’s mech almost undefeatable for the opponents. 

What started off as an April fool’s joke turned into something wanted by players for a long time. Initially, D.Va players usually get staggered because of her baby form. The April fool joke buff helped overcome this barrier and gave the players a tool to combat the enemies who tried to block D.Va. This brought out nothing but just wasted time. 

Well, this hasn’t really stopped the players from staling D.Va as they find new tricks to stagger the pilot D.Va. 

The best news? Players have found some new tricks to catch players off-guard when trying to stagger her. 

Let’s know more about this new trick! 

‘Drop Remech’ trick helps D.Va to get back into her mech as she falls off a map. Walk backward off a ledge up to the point when you are in the air but not falling yet. At this point, you have to activate your ultimate. You are going to drop but the mech will land on the high ground. Feel lucky if you see the enemies annihilated, you can rush off to safety. 

This one was shared by Youtuber McMagicMarv known for introducing gamers to new tips and tricks. 

If it’s a bug, it is likely to receive an update later on. But there’s no clarity about this at the moment. Talking about bugs, Overwatch players are struggling with bugs and are looking for answers from the game developer Blizzard Entertainment. 

However, you may get stuck in a Junkrat trap or get into some other weird zone. The best to know how well it works for you is to try it out yourself. 

Know more about D.Va

D.Va’s real name is Hana Song and she is a professional gamer. She utilizes her professional skills to pilot a mech in order to defend her homeland, South Korea. The fight is against a massive monstrous thing that came from the depths of the East China Sea. 


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