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‘Overwatch’ Cosplayers Bring Sigma And Moira To Life In A Stunning Way

While most Overwatch characters have their differences, Sigma and Moira have something in common – they are both scientists.

Two cosplayers have brought Sigma and Moira to life with their accurate costume and attention to detail. Although the mad scientist character archetype has been tried and tests several times, Overall has probably done it better than any other game and has pulled it off twice.


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Geneticist Moira O’Deorain (a.k.a. Moira) cares more about scientific advancement than human rights and ethics. This is particularly ironic, considering that she is a support hero.

Eccentric astrophysicist Siebren de Kuiper, better known as Sigma has a similar mindset. Sigma developed the power to manipulate gravity after a failed experiment. It took three creative minds to bring Sigma and Moira to life.


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Stracichu collaborated with Lictor_01 and photographer Axel Nova and the results are stunning. The picture shows them standing back-to-back in what looks like a science lab. It has some awe-inspiring after effects, including Moira’s Biotic Orb and Sigma’s Hyperspheres.

The outfits are inspired by flashbacks when we see the characters dressed up in lab coats. They are both white with black and silver seams and hang past their knees. Sigma’s lab coat looks like a military-jacket, with a high half-collar on his neck.

There are blue straps on the collar and around his elbows. He is also wearing black gloves and colored his hair slightly grey.

Sporting a buttoned-up collar, Moira’s looks slightly more traditional. She has a purple and black patch, two canisters with biotic energy strapped around her waist. The hair looks like the real deal and is the highlight of her look.

[Cosplay] Moira & Sigma Cosplay – Hi guys, how are ya? Wanted to share one of my lastest work with you all. Hope you like this pic of Moira and Sigma. from r/Overwatch

The outfits were accurate from head to toe, and the poses were on-point as well. On top of that, the photography was professional and slick. The post on the Overwatch subreddit had garnered nearly 8,000 upvotes at the time of writing. Watch this space for more gaming news.

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