‘Overwatch’ Cosplayer Transforms Herself Into Christmas-Themed Winter Wonderland Tracer

overwatch Tracer

Overwatch players are battling it out in the Winter Wonderland event, but one cosplayer took the Christmas spirit to a whole new level as Tracer.

With Christmas just around the corner, The Winter Wonderland event is in full swing. Freezethaw is being eliminated, and Junkrat is acting like an Elf on the Shelf while stealing all the cookies.

The new Junkrat elf skin bears a striking resemblance to one other skin in the game – Tracer’s elf skin. It appears that Tracer has been left out of the Christmas skin this year. With the Challenge skins going to Roadhog, Junkrat, and Ana, and not even one Legendary skin for the fan-favorite hero, Tracer has not been given much love this Christmas.

Much to our relief, one cosplayer has made an appearance to save Overwatch’s Christmas with an adorable version of Tracer. Italian cosplayer YuukiWeasley showed off her holiday version Tracer in a series of photos on Instagram.

Sporting Tracer’s trademark spiked hair and lovable attitude, Yuuki is seen wearing a fluffy brown dressing-gown trimmed with white. Crafted to resemble a military-style jacket, it tends to reminds of Tracer’s flying jacket. Yuuki has managed to create an awe-inspiring version of Tracer that boasts her traits.


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Another photo featuring a similar image is accompanied by a video that sees Yuuki embodying our favorite English hero. With an adorable peace sign and a cheeky little wink, you can visualize Tracer sitting at the Watchpoint and enjoying a cup of cocoa. Overwatch players would love to see more chill skin in the game.

It reminds players that these characters are human at their heart. Tracer reflects innocence and happiness, and Yuuki’s cosplay reaffirms it. Stay tuned in here for the latest cosplays.

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