‘Overwatch’ Cosplayer Reimagines Mercy Into Stunning Christmas Scenery

Overwatch Cosplay Mercy

Overwatch Cosplay: A cosplayer made waves on Instagram with their accurate take on Overwatch‘s player character, Mercy, reimagined into some awe-inspiring Christmas scenery.

Overwatch boasts an impressive array of characters that have fans around the world fall in love with their different personalities and their backstories. Considering that each fighter has their own unique abilities, the possibilities as far as cosplay is concerned are endless.

With the festive season underway, a slew of more opportunities has opened up for highly skilled artists to show off their costume skills to their followers. Cosplayer polaris.cos transformed support hero Mercy into a breathtaking Christmas scene and did a fantastic job with it.


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Designed by fuwa_baka, the wig is crafted into Mercy’s classic style, including the blonde locks pulled into thick blonde sections that give the illusion of being animated. This is paired with the headpiece that blends with the structure of the hair and mimics Mercy’s design to a tee.

The Christmas themed cosplay features a velvet red dress, coupled with fluffy white trims to mimic Santa’s clothes, a knitted scarf over the top that adds more of a wintery feel. The background seems to be straight out of a Christmas movie, with a tree dusted with snow and teeming with beautiful decorations and presents underneath.

Retaining Mercy’s original look, Polaris.cos clipped wings to their back, and the yellows and whites blend perfectly with the warm colors of the Christmas scene. This cosplay will have Overwatch fans in the festive spirit, and the cosplayer managed to bring Mercy to life with stunning accuracy. You can check out more Overwatch cosplays here.

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