Overwatch Widowmaker Sniper
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‘Overwatch’ Cosplayer Recreates A Lifesized Widowmaker Sniper

Cosplayer Mikomi Hokina set the internet ablaze after sharing their recreation of Widowmakers Sniper, which they claim took a whopping 250 hours to complete.

Overwatch Widowmaker is gaining huge popularity among cosplayers. Moreover, tThe sniper rifle she carries boasts an impressive array of skins, giving cosplayers multiple options to choose from.

Overwatch fan and a popular cosplayer Mikomi Hokina took her Widowmaker cosplay to the next level. She created a lifesized replica of the French assassin’s sniper rifle. Understandably, it took an insane amount f time and patience to recreate the Widowmaker sniper.

Mikomi Hokina Recreates Widowmaker’s Sniper Rifle

Mikomi shared a clip showing off her incredible recreation of Widowmaker’s sniper on the official 
Overwatch Reddit. As expected, the viral garnered more than 6,000 upvotes in just a few days.

Mikomi’s recreated Widowmaker’s sniper is as big as her.“After about 250h total needed to print/sand/assemble/sand/prime/paint/varnish, I can proudly say that my Widowmaker Rifle/Sniper is FINISHED!” she captioned the post.

A myriad of other weapons she has created for her cosplays can be seen in the background. On top of that, she detailed the entire recreation process of the rifle via a tweet. An up-close view of the rifle shows it has several little details.

Also, she assured her followers that a full Widowmaker cosplay is in the works. Moreover, while responding to one of her Twitter followers, she called the rifle the “best thing I ever built.”


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