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‘Overwatch’ Cosplayer Re-Creates Tracer’s New Look In ‘Overwatch 2’

Overwatch 2 release date details are still few and far between, but much to the delight of those waiting with bated breath for the long-awaited Overwatch sequel, a highly-skilled cosplayer re-created Tracer’s new look in the game.

All characters from Overwatch have amazing designs, which makes their cosplays some of the best in the world. They have previously been brought to life with realistic detail, but seven characters are slated to undergo radical appearance overhauls for Overwatch 2, with more likely to come later.

It is a welcome change considering that Overwatch fans feel some of the current character models are old-fogeyish. Activision-Blizzard has divulged details about these changes on their official website. Tracer’s new model is quite exciting, although the differences seem subtle at first a closer look reveals a myriad of changes.


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A post shared by Gustavo (@thecrayonthief)

They have combined her retro look to a more modern appearance, replacing her glasses with what looks like a more combat-ready pair. Aside from that, she now sports smaller gloves, a chronal accelerator, and a sleeker jacket.

Cosplayer Gustavo (a.k.a. TheCrayonThief) has restlessly been waiting for Overwatch 2’s release date announcement like everyone else. He couldn’t resist creating Tracer’s new outfit right from scratch while he continues waiting. “I was so excited to wear this cosplay at NYCC or Blizzcon,” he wrote.


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A post shared by Gustavo (@thecrayonthief)

“However, thanks to Miss Rona, that didn’t [happen], and it ain’t [going to] happen for the foreseeable future. I’m trying to get myself motivated and upload more cosplay content,” he added. Gustavo captured the new tweaks to Tracer’s outfit, which looks like a well-polished piece overall.

He shared his cosplay on Reddit, and it garnered several upvotes there too. It received hundreds of like across all platforms, giving Overwatch fans something to cheer about while they wait for the sequel. Watch this space for the latest cosplays.


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