Overwatch Cosplay Mei
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‘Overwatch’ cosplayer creates a stunning Mei cosplay

An Overwatch cosplayer has surpassed the game’s extensive artistic community with her amazing Mei outfit.

Mei is one of Overwatch’s most controversial DPS heroes. The character’s new Legendary skin dubbed the MM-Mei is drawing controversy.

The recently unveiled skin sees Mei sporting the outfit of an MMA fighter, complete with gloves with Frost Boxing written on it, and a championship belt. 

Overwatch fans, however, feel her cornrow and ponytail combo, along with her skin is done in poor taste, and some fans are even comparing her design and hairstyle to MMA fighter Weili Zhang, according to GameRant.

It is worth mentioning here that the adorable Chinese scientist is anything but cute when you bump into her in-game. 

Going back to her roots, though, one Overwatch cosplayer has come up with an absolutely amazing basic Mei cosplay that will leave you speechless.


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A post shared by ECYOJSSELESU (@ryork0101)

Overwatch cosplayer ryork0101 (ECYOJSSELESU, which reads “UselessJoyce” from right to left) has brought Mei into the real world. 

Posing on a frozen staircase, she is sporting a well-crafted version of Mei’s fluffy, snug-looking parka, while showing off the iconic Endothermic Blaster of the Chinese DPS.


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A post shared by ECYOJSSELESU (@ryork0101)

She has cut her hair into the trademark black bob, holding it back using a traditional hairpin, coupled with an accurate attitude. You could easily mistake the photo for a fanart, or a 3D render.

The cosplayer shared a close-up of these details, giving fans a glimpse of the makeup artistry that has gone into creating this cosplay.

With over 16K upvotes on Reddit, ryork0101’s version of Mei is turning heads of Overwatch fans around the world. Watch this space for cosplays of your favorite heroes.


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