‘Overwatch’ Cosplay: Zelina Vega Cosplays D.Va To Perfection

ZZelina Vega Overwatch D.Va

“The Queen of cosplay,” one commenter wrote in Zelina Vega’s latest Instagram post, that the WWE Superstar posted earlier today.

Thea Megan Budgen, who is signed to WWE, and performs for the RAW brand under the ring name Zelina Vega, is known for cosplaying some of the video games’ most popular female characters. She has cosplayed Loba from Apex Legends, Sombra from Overwatch, and recently she cosplayed Morrigan from the Darkstalkers series to perfection.

Taking to her Instagram account earlier today, Vega posted a photo using hashtag #DVA, a reference to one of the heroes in Overwatch D.Va. A former professional gamer, D.Va is a mech pilot who is taking part in her country’s special force to fight with a mammoth Omnic’s devastating invasion.


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Vega represented the nimble and powerful character to perfection – right from the hairstyle to the headphones to the lipstick color and two pink-tinted streaks on her cheeks. On top of that, she even featured a bunny in the picture.

With over a whopping 9,000 likes, the post has numerous comments from fans who can’t seem to stop lauding the near-flawless cosplay. “Nerf this,” one commenter wrote. You can check out Vega’s earlier cosplays here.

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