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‘Overwatch 2’: Super Addresses Healing Changes, Explains Why Mercy & Zarya Feel Weak

Matthew ‘super’ DeLisi said that Overwatch 2 healing changes are not good for the new meta and Mercy & Zarya are useless in the second installment.

Matthew DeLisi, popularly known as ‘super’ is a professional Overwatch player. He is the team captain and longest-tenured player of the San Francisco Shock of the Overwatch League.

He is a two-time OWL champion and was one of the pros in Hawaii for the 2021 OWL playoffs.

After finishing in fourth place in OWL 2021, he along with other pro players got an opportunity to playtest the sequel.

The second installment consists of hero reworks, Rome map and pushes game mode, weapon sounds, and UI updates. Overwatch 2 has also transitioned from 6v6 to 5v5, according to Dexerto.

Super’s Comments on Healing Changes and Mercy & Zarya

Super talked about a new gameplay feature that was absent in the original game. He said that a new feature makes healers weaker while making DPS heroes stronger.

Super said that if one is in combat and they take damage, for four seconds after they take it, they receive 25% less healing. He also added that the visual cues are absent to indicate to someone that they’re healing less.

He explained that the healers were weaker and it didn’t feel good. Also, it made DPS heroes feel overpowered compared to other roles.

Super also talked about Mercy and Zarya. He said that they’re the worst heroes in the build and the angelic support was useless.

He explained that Mercy’s raw healing output was even lower than it currently is in the original game. As per Matthew, she does nothing and she’s a useless character.

Super also commented on Zarya. He talked about her two bubbles that she can apply to either herself or teammates operating on the same cooldown. However, the bubble is quite different from the original game’s bubble.

He said that if she uses both of her bubbles, they’re on the same cooldown cycle. Whereas right now, you get them back at roughly the same time, if someone bubbles themselves and a teammate, they have to wait twenty seconds to get both their bubbles back.

He called her a useless character, just like Mercy. Overwatch 2 is about to release before the summer of 2022.

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