Overwatch 2 Zenyaytta And Mercy
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‘Overwatch 2’ Developers Reveal Changes For Zenyatta And Mercy

Overwatch 2 developers gave players some hints about what changes will be coming for Zenyatta and Mercy.

Overwatch 2 is currently under development. Blizzard Entertainment is developing the game. The game is all set to go live by April 2022.

The game focuses primarily on PvE missions. These missions appear to build off the Overwatch Archive seasonal events from the past few years. The new story missions will likely have more story, dialogue, and cutscenes than the highly repeatable limited-time events.

Developers Reveal Mercy, Zenyatta Overwatch 2 Nerfs

AndyB, an Overwatch Community Manager, has revealed all possible changes to tanks, DPS heroes, and supports on the official Blizzard forums.

He put light on Brigitte’s Shield Bash stun being removed as well as global healing nerf for the sequel. Some other heroes could be seeing their abilities tuned down as well.

As for Zenyatta’s Discord Orb, AndyB said that the transition to 5v5 from 6v6 made the ability weaker as there is one less teammate to take advantage of the 25% debuff to enemy health.

Overwatch mercy zen nerfs

Concerning Mercy’s Damage Boost, he said that it hasn’t shown any major issues in playtests. Both damage-buffing abilities could be in the crosshairs of developers and may not be as powerful in Overwatch 2 as they are in the original game.

He also revealed that there is a chance that they end up turning both Discord and Damage Boost down. As per AndyB, Discord is weaker in the 5v5 version of the game.

Zenyatta Discord
Blizzard Entertainment

Thus, developers are willing to make big changes to abilities if they negatively impact the game.

As per Dexerto, the company’s highest priority is to release the game as soon as possible. They are planning to release the game before the Summer of 2022. Another source in franchise management has said that the aim is to release the game by Q2 of 2022.

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