OnePlus Nord 2 Warp charger
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OnePlus Nord 2 Warp Charger Reportedly Explodes, OnePlus Offers A Replacement Charger

OnePlus Nord 2 Warp charger has reportedly exploded in Kerala, India when a user tried to plug it in the socket to charge the phone.

The recently unveiled Nord 2 has been surrounded by a lot of controversies since it hit the store shelves in India. Some users recently went on to claim that the phone caught fire. While some of these claims were fake, others were a result of the customer’s negligence.

Now, a OnePlus Nord 2 Warp charger reportedly exploded shortly after it was plugged into the socket to charge the phone. The victim, Jimmy Jose (@The Glitchhhh) is from Kerala, India. The explosion happened during a rainstorm, damaging the charger as well as the socket. The incident didn’t lead to injury to anyone.

Moreover, the incident didn’t affect the phone. Aside from acknowledging the issue, OnePlus has advised the user to visit a customer care center. At the care center, a service technician examined the charger and concluded that it exploded due to voltage fluctuation.

“We take any claim like this very seriously. The user has handed over the damaged OnePlus Charger to our service centre and has been offered a replacement.,” OnePlus wrote in an email statement to Gadgets 360.

“OnePlus chargers contain built-in capacitors which control and store energy. In this case, after a thorough analysis, the capacitors have remained intact concluding that the blast has been caused by external factors such as voltage fluctuations.”

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