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OnePlus Nord 2 Battery Explodes In India, Company Starts Investigation

A new OnePlus Nord 2 battery has exploded in India, much to the chagrin of the owner of the recently unveiled OnePlus phone, Ankur Sharma from Bengaluru. Sharma took to his Twitter account to share the incident. He had deleted the tweet at the time of writing.

Although Sharma deleted the tweet, LetsGoDigital has shared the original images. In his tweet, Sharma claimed that his wife faced an accident due to this incident, which caused him and his wife to suffer from trauma. Sharma’s wife went cycling in the morning when the Nord 2 kept in her sling bag exploded with smoke coming out of the smartphone.

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The images shared by Sharma seem to back his claim that the phone exploded when his wife was cycling. The device appears to be completely destroyed. The rear panel is charred and burned, and we can even see the internal components. It is still unclear what exactly caused the explosion. It is worth mentioning here this could be an isolated event. An Oppo A53 also exploded in a user’s pocket, which was also an isolated incident.

OnePlus Nord 2 Battery Exploded_2

OnePlus Nord 2 Battery Exploded_1

The other Nord 2 units are not likely to explode spontaneously. OnePlus has already acknowledged Sharma’s tweet and has started an investigation into the matter. The OnePlus Support Twitter account shared a message: “We are gutted to hear about your experience. We are deeply concerned and want to make it up to you. We request you to connect to us over a direct message so that we can make amends and turn this around for you.”

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We might have to wait until the investigation by OnePlus reveals the cause of the explosion. Until then, this appears to be an isolated incident.

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