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OnePlus And OPPO Merge Their R&D Department

OnePlus merged with OPPO’s R&D department, but software features are expected to remain unaffected.

Previously surfaced reports suggested that OnePlus and OPPO have merged their research and development departments. Despite merging their respective R&D departments, both brands will continue offering unique features and software.

A source from OPPO confirmed to DoNews (Via ITHome) that the research and development departments for the Chinese smartphone makers have now been unified. Both companies had reportedly made this as early as Dec. 2020.

While either companies’ R&D will no longer be separate, the two OEMs would still offer unique software and features, and the merger will not affect the product level. This relationship is similar to the one shared by Xiaomi, and its popular subsidiary Redmi.

The aforesaid companies share a research and development system. This move also brings OnePlus and OPPO closer under the Ouga Group. The rumors surrounding the merger of R&D began doing the rounds online in Jun. 2020, and both companies have finally gone ahead with the decision.

The merger could have both firms benefit in terms of certain innovations or breakthroughs despite being independent brands. It is worth noting this is still an unconfirmed report and should be taken with a pinch of salt until officially confirmed. Watch this space for more updates when additional information is available.

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Aniket Macwan

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