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Oculus Quest 2 Review: The Best Way Into VR Yet

Oculus Quest 2 Review: With the still raging coronavirus pandemic, restricting people from going out and exploring the world, the Oculus Quest 2 release couldn’t have come at a better time.

You can now pop on a VR (virtual reality) headset and explore your favorite places, or ride a rollercoaster without jeopardizing your own, or the safety of your loved ones. Tom’s Guide compares the Oculus Quest 2 to a “portal into different worlds” that can be accessed without leaving the safety of your own home.

Price and availability

Launched on Oct. 13 last year, the Oculus Quest starts at $299 for the 64GB variant. Those who fancy having onboard storage can go for the larger 256GB version, which retails for $399. You can head straight to the official Oculus online store, or a slew of other online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop to get your hands on the virtual reality headset.


Housed in a sleek form factor, Oculus Quest 2 ditches the plain black of its precursor, it comes in at 10 percent lighter. It sports an eye-catching light gray design, accentuated by a black face strap, as well as a quartet of camera sensors.

The smartly placed buttons and port arrangements are an extension of its seamless design. The power button is placed on the right side of the headset, alongside a volume rocker, and a USB-C port, while the left side houses a headphone jack for charging and audio.

Oculus Quest 2_1

The spacing between lenses can now be adjusted with three different viewing settings simply by pinching them or spreading them out manually, eliminating the need for a switch that was placed at the bottom of the original Quest. The extremely lightweight and comfortable Oculus Quest 2 has dimensions of 7.5 x 4 x 5.2 inches and it weighs in at just 1.1 pounds.

Controllers and hand tracking

The Quest 2 comes with a radically overhauled version of the Oculus Touch Controllers, crafted to deliver enhanced gesture tracking. The scoop-shaped controllers have two shoulder buttons for firing weapons and grabbing objects, with clickable analog sticks and two face buttons on each controller.

The Oculus controllers proved to be comfortable and easy to use across a wide range of games, and the controllers’ haptics are nothing short of impressive as well. On the downside, the Touch Controllers run on AA batteries, and can’t be recharged via USB. Each controller uses a single battery, and the controllers are rated to deliver about 30 hours of juice on a single battery.


As far as performance is concerned, the Oculus Quest 2 has been given an upgrade over its predecessor, and this performance bump is primarily due to the Snapdragon XR2 chip. With 6GB of RAM, under the hood, the Quest 2 has a significant improvement in specs over its predecessor, which packed the Snapdragon 835 CPU, an ideal chip for mobile phones rather than VR headsets.

The Quest 2 runs relatively smoother than the original model and offers seamless menu navigation. The titles you play are expected to be flush with color and detail to ensure an immersive gaming experience. Moreover, crashes or framerate dips are rare.


Teeming with a slew of entertainment and productivity apps that lets you watch videos and team up with others in uber-cool ways, Quest 2 isn’t just a gaming device. The Oculus TV app allows you to ride a virtual roller coaster, which is likely to have your adrenaline surging.

Oculus Quest 2_apps

The Spatial app an impressive virtual workspace for collaborating on documents and 3D models. The Virtual Desktop app allows you to use your Windows 10 PC in a VR environment.


The built-in positional audio of the Oculus Quest 2 was previously seen on the Quest and Rift S, but it will still blow your mind every time you use it. The VR headset’s built-in speakers deliver crisp, loud sound without the need for headphones.

For those who want even more immersive sound, the Quest 2 comes with a 3.5mm jack to connect your favorite headphones. The headset’s built-in audio feels great.

Battery life and Verdict

The Oculus Quest 2’s battery can last 2 to 3 hours if you are playing games, and about 3 if you are most watching videos. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Quest 2 eliminates the need to have a PC, wires, and sensors, and packs an awe-inspiring experience into a sleek device.

Oculus Quest 2_verdict

If you own an Oculus Quest, the new design and improved performance might not seem enough reason to shell out another $299. Moreover, you need to factor in the price of an Oculus Link cable or the optional 256GB model.

If you haven’t dived into VR yet, Oculus Quest 2’s game library, price, and overall ease of use make it the best entry point into virtual reality yet. Watch this space for more reviews.


Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset

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