Ninja rates gaming setups of his fans [Top 5]

Ninja Gaming Setups

Fans of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins posted pictures of their gaming set-ups and the 29-year-old Twitch streamer offered to review them.

Netizens didn’t disappoint and showcased an impressive array of Battlestations. After officially quitting Fortnite, Ninja moved on to playing League of Legends.

Regardless of which games he is playing, he always has times for his fans. On May 22, Ninja offered to rate their gaming set-ups and thousands of fans responded, sharing a glimpse of their Battlestations.

Ninja responded to some of his fans. You can check out his favorites below.

5 – Lazarbeam’s workstation ft. Grogu

Lannan ‘Lazarbeam’ Eacott’s simple workstation isn’t too different from other streamers. However, he added some flair by including a picture of Tom Brady, Captain America’s shield, and a figurine of Grogu from The Mandalorian in the shot. According to Ninja, the figurine was the “best part.”

4 – Hydra Dufah’s purple, black, and white delight

Ninja described Hydra Dufah’s highly impressive setup as “sick,” giving it a “10/10,” which isn’t a surprise given its clean looks. The black, white, and purple colors all blend perfectly together.

3 – Daniel Clerke’s clean ‘his and hers’ Battlestations

Daniel Clerke showed off two setups, with the first one being his own. The second setup belongs to his girlfriend. Like most gamers, Ninja loved seeing a good ‘his and hers’ battle station.

There are some similarities between the two setups. However, Clerke’s setup had a blue ambiance with a ramen bowl sign, while his girlfriend’s setup featured a pink aura and popsicle sign.

The retro-gaming theme is extremely different from the ‘vaporwave’ aesthetic. Ninja loved them and described them as “clean.”

2 – XSET Scomo’s epic man-cave

XSET Scomo’s highly impressive man-cave left Ninja speechless. He dropped a GIF that said “frickin’ awesome!”

It includes a triple-monitor set-up with red and purple lights along with a console gaming hub that’s surrounded by several bits and pieces including some epic sports merch.

1 – Wynnsanity’s neon-blue setup

Wynnsanity’s incredible gaming room didn’t fail to impress Ninja. It looks like a scene from Tron: Legacy and has everything an avid gamer needs. It has a tablet for mobile games, a fridge teeming with energy drinks, two ultra-wide monitors, and of course, a PC.

Ninja gave his fans an opportunity to show off their Battlestations, and they didn’t disappoint. Let us know which of these setups was your favorite in the comments section below and stay tuned here for the latest gaming news.

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