NICKMERCS Unfollows HusKerrs On Twitter After Warzone Drama


Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas called Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff a “manbaby” after a five-month-old Warzone drama ended on Feb. 17.

It had been months since an incident during a Warzone tournament before HusKerrs finally lost his cool. He called out NICKMERCS in his latest broadcast after the FaZe Clan star unfollowed him on Twitter.

When a viewer said he should play with Nick, HusKerrs quickly brought up earlier drama saying, “Nick doesn’t like me.” Huskerrs went on to reveal that “he unfollowed me on Twitter so I don’t know, I guess he actually doesn’t like me.”

This social media spat was a result of an argument that took place about five months ago. During a Warzone tournament, the two disagreed with each other and things quickly went downhill. “Nick has beef with me because [of] a tourney that was five months ago,” he said.

Teaming up with Symfuhny, the duo toppled NICKMERCS and FaZe Swagg, but it didn’t appear to be the cleanest victory. “They tried to take host for the second map when they hosted the first map,” HusKerrs said.

This led to tension among the lobby since Nick allegedly wanted to yoink hosting privileges for both maps in the series. Aside from getting a potential network advantage, the reason behind Nick’s request was to evade cheaters.

“You’re on PC, if you host, there’s a higher chance there’s going to be hackers,” he said according to HusKerrs. This led to a “f*** you” from HusKerrs as he and Symfuhny took host. The NRG content creator accused NICKMERCS of being a “manbaby” and crying about it.

While it might appear to be a minor gripe at the time, this eventually led to NICKMERCS unfollowing HusKerrs on Twitter. Since then, the beef has been public. “I would say that to his face,” HusKerrs said.

“Bring him in my Discord, I don’t care. Literally, clip it and send it to him. He unfollowed me on Twitter because of all that,” he added. It remains to be seen whether or not two of the biggest names in the Warzone community will get back on the same page.

According to Dexerto. NICKMERCS avoiding Warzone tournaments, so he is unlikely to match up against HusKerrs in the near future to continue the beef. Watch this space for the latest gaming and esports news.

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