NICKMERCS reveals why he is not a fan of the RAM-7

Nickmercs RAM-7

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff isn’t a fan of RAM-7, which rose to popularity in Warzone Season 3. Modern Warfare’s RAM-7 has seen an increase in popularity among those who prefer the accuracy of an AR.

Moreover, it doesn’t slow down the overall speed of the game’s SMG class. Although it is not as strong as Kilo 141 or the CR-56 AMAX, the RAM-7 has grabbed a spot in the top five most-used Warzone weapons.

Both casual, as well as pro players, have recently been using the RAM-7 as a lethal support class. This AR packs an incredibly fast rate of fire, coupled with the ability to wreak havoc across close to mid-range engagement ranges.

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While the gun continues to garner more popularity due to its appeal, NICKMERCS says he is not a fan of the lightning-fast AR. Keeping in line with his recent discussion on Warzone’s map changes, the content creator shared his opinions on the new RAM-7 meta that is taking the game by storm.

“Apparently the RAM-7 has taken over the game. You see Tfue and Symfuhny – keyboard and mouse guys using this gun,” he said.

The recoil is easier to manage on PC, especially if you are using a gun with a very high recoil pattern. Most Call of Duty guns offer negligible vertical kick, but there are some that are quite tricky to master. The RAM-7 is one of those ARs, according to Dexerto.

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“I want to emphasize to you guys that the [RAM-7] is a keyboard and mouse gun. I still had a lot of fun with the thing, but I’m assuming a lot of you guys are controller players. This might not be the class for you, I’m just being honest.”

The RAM-7 packs some significant recoil as compared to Kilo 141 and the AMAX. “This definitely wasn’t the class for me,” admitted Nick.

“I tried to run it like all the big keyboard players. I used the same attachments, the same stuff. The gun does a lot of damage, it does not move, it’s just a laser. It’s just hard to control the recoil at distances.”

If you want to use the NICKMERCS’ RAM-7 loadout on the console, you’d need to be ready to fight with your analog stick for long-range kills.

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