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‘New World’ Player Creates Replica Of Jeff Bezos, Calls It ‘JeffrieBezos’

A New World player has successfully created a character similar to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in the game. The player has named the character “JeffrieBezos.”

New World is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) role-playing game developed by Amazon Games Orange County. The game was released on September 28, 2021. It is set in the mid-seventeenth century, players colonize a fictional land modeled after the Americas.

According to a report from Dexerto, the game has turned out to be successful with eminent streamers like Shroud praising its endgame content.

Amazon Games has prevented players from naming themselves Jeff Bezos in the game. They have also disallowed the use of “Bezos” or “Amazon” in your player name. The developers also prohibited several variants of Bezos like “JeffB,” “Bez0s,” and “Be Zos”, as per PCGamer.

However, despite restricting such usernames, one player successfully managed to create a replica of Jeff Bezos.

New World Player Discovers A Replica Of Jeff Bezos

“JeffrieBezos” was the name of the level 10 character. The character had donned expensive-looking golden armor. A Redditor named ‘LaviTheTerrorist’ posted a picture of the character. The post title reads: “Found him boys.”

Within hours, the post gained a lot of attention. One commentator said that he looks pretty similar. Another user said that the resemblance is uncanny and it also looks a lot like Ben Kingsley.

New World has peaked at 700,000 concurrent players on the first day. Several players had to wait in very long queues. There are only 200 servers and each server can allow only 2000 players.

The traffic on New World’s first day was beyond the expectations of the creators. Amazon said that they are rapidly adding servers for each region as necessary and updating players as they become available.

Eventually, at least one fake Jeff Bezos has successfully landed in Aeternum.

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